The Keeler
The Keeler
The Keeler

The Keeler

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The KEELER is a more relined vesion of the Happy Hour Keel Fish with a straighter out line and less volume all round. It still has all the speed you’ll ever want and they love some nice flowing surfing. You’ll probably never find a better down the line tube board. The KEELER is a perfect all round board from 2 ft slop to 5 ft tubes. I believe you’ll love every moment on this board.

Glassing: 4x4x4 or 4x4x6

Rocker: Flat rocker

Concave: Single to a subtle double concave with a slight vee running through the fins and off the tail.

Tail: Deep swallow tail

Fins Layout: Twin keels. fcs2 or future boxes glass ons are also available.


Skill Level: All skill levels

Wave Type: Beach Break, Point Break, Reef Break

Wave Height: 1-6ft +

All board are custom made so fill out a form here and I will be in touch to discuss the perfect size for you