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New | 5'7 Two Fun

New | 5'7 Two Fun

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Dimensions: 5'7 x 19 1/4 x 2 7/16 @ 28.8L

Glassing: 4x4x4

Fins Layout: FCS2 Fin Boxes

About this model:
The Two Fun is a board that we’ve designed and tested to be an easy transition from either a Thruster or a Twin. With a Twin plus stabiliser fin cluster, the board has an  extra bit of hold when pushing off the back foot but also allows for great speed flow through the flat sections. With a medium to flat nose rocker and a little bit of flip out the tail, the board will allow you to paddle like you’re on a fish but turn like you’re on your small wave thruster running a single to double concave. With a bit of V through the tail this will also allow you to have a lot of speed and hold rail to rail turns with confidence. With the two fun performing in 2 foot slop yet also holding its own in the 4 to 5 foot range when the waves get a bit better, the board is a very versatile blade to have in your quiver.

Recommended Fin choice the FCS2 MR 2+1 | FCS2 Mick Fanning 2+1 | Futures Flacon fin 2+1 or T1

This is a stock board and available to take now!

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