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After years of riding the athlete log it was time for new feelings in hopes of a even better ride. I made up a few different concepts and sent them out to my trusted test pilots to get some feedback.  

It was an instant hit for all of them and only a few minor changes were made.

I had taken the front end of the Athlete and mixed it with the width of the chalkboard and the tail end of the first love. We Flatted the rocker and made it a little less extreme in the concave and the belly roll. This log has also been on a diet with a lot of foam as we felt that logs don’t always have to be big fat-railed slugs.   

This log has amazing nose riding capabilities mixed with easy flowing turns while it still maintains a nice trim state.    

Glassing: 7.5 volan x6x7.5 volan

Rocker: Flat rocker

Concave: Single concave that carries to the centre and then fades into a slight belly roll all the way to the tail.

Tail: Squash tail

Fins Layout: Single

Skill Level: All levels

Wave Type: Beach Break, Point Break, Reef Break

Wave Height: 1-3ft +

Customs require a deposit amount of $400 which secures your order in production.

All boards are custom made so fill out a form here and we will be in touch to discuss the perfect size for you.

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