Zimmer Twin
Zimmer Twin
Zimmer Twin

Zimmer Twin


The ZIMMER TWIN is based of the iconic MR Twin with our added twist. It will allow you to fly through flat sections, is super fast off the front foot and super loose off the tail. With having the centre fin, it will give you that extra bit of hold as you whip through turns or are flying through tubes without losing much of the twin fin speed. The Zimmer Twin is a perfect addition to any quiver.

Glassing: 4x4x4 or 4x4x6

Rocker: Flat rocker

Concave: Single to a subtle double concave with V running through the fins and off the tail.

Tail: Swallow tail

Fins layout: Twin + Trailer. FCS2 or future boxes are available.

(glass on fins are available)

Skill level: All levels

Wave Type: Beach Break, Point Break, Reef Break

Wave Height: 1-5ft +

All board are custom made so fill out a form here and I will be in touch to discuss the perfect size for you